Thursday, June 2, 2016

Brunch with Home Builders

The husband and kids wanted french toast Sunday morning, and I was not in a making french toast mood. As such, we decided to split the difference and go to that sweet little breakfast cottage place on the cove.

I had a slice of passable quiche with some grapefruit juice, while hubby went entirely lumberjack. While I watched the kids eat themselves into a syrup induced coma, I got a call from the Austin new homes builders. Turns out there's some sort of problem with the construction contract, and can they see us this morning to get it cleared up before they start clearing the lot?

Inviting them to brunch seemed like the only decent thing to do. This was a group of  home builders that we had worked with for a previous house addition, and they're kind of like family members that we're not that close to. We discussed the hiring of electrical surveyors over some seriously amazing scones and bacon. The matter is all settled now, and construction should begin soon. We're all pretty excited, especially Kim (who I'm told wants the room with the biggest closet). We went for a beach walk afterwards, and then home for a siesta.

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